You’re Not Taking My Dog!

So you have separated…. who gets the pets?

Separating from your spouse is complicated.  There is a lot to figure out from the custody and access of children, equalization, property division, the list goes on and on but more and more often SMP Law has been dealing with the issue of what happens with the pets.

If two people can negotiate what happens with their pets after separation then they do so and move on.

But what if they do not agree on what to do with their pets?

For example, what if one spouse wants to keep the dog, is the other spouse supposed to just never see their dog again?  What if one spouse has legal title to the dog but the other spouse has been taking care of the dog?

If you are strongly attached to your dog than chances are good you do not want to lose your dog because of a separation.   Fighting over pets can get very costly, both emotionally and financially.

People are working out amicable agreements regarding their pets post separation.  And when you are not getting along with your ex spouse this can be a very contentious and complicated issue.  Let SMP Law help SiMPlify and explore your options for your pets.

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