SiMPly put, SMP Law will provide you:

  • SiMPle Free Initial Consultation
  • SiMPle Legal Guidance
  • SiMPle Solutions to Complex Issues

You might be thinking

What does that mean exactly?

Here is what SMP Law will provide you:

  • Shawn, the lawyer at SMP Law, brings to your legal matter 27 years of legal experience to help put your concerns and fears at ease. He will go through your questions during a FREE initial consultation, without any obligation to hire him to represent you;
  • SMP Law is sensitive to our clients’ financial situations. Your legal services will at all times be at a reasonable cost;
  • Shawn provides you with nearly 20 years experience of running his own law firm, which means that he personally is the lawyer that attends all of your court matters;
  • Shawn is confident in both settling legal matters but also in attending court and he brings to your legal matter significant trial experience;
  • SMP Law’s excellent legal team is always supervised by Shawn. SiMPly put, Shawn will oversee everything on your file;
  • SMP Law will ensure your legal matter is completed in a timely manner;
  • SMP Law is professional yet also approachable and friendly;
  • You will receive the benefit of a multi-talented staff there to support you and assist Shawn on your matter; and
  • Whether your matter is resolved at the initial consultation or at trial, you will receive the appropriate service for your legal matter.
Shawn and Natalie

Let’s discuss how your legal matter can be SiMPlified.