Judge’s Comments

Mr. Philbert impressed me as knowledgeable counsel…
Robertson D.J. (Young v. Fogarty, Court File No. SC-12-00254-00, Small Claims Court, Owen Sound)

Both parties’ factums were clear, concise and extremely helpful to me and I am grateful to counsel for their hard work.
Lemon J. (Mudronja v. Mudronja, 2008 CarswellOnt 8080; [2009] W.D.F.L. 712; [2009] W.D.F.L. 728; [2009] W.D.F.L. 762; [2009] W.D.F.L. 799; [2009] W.D.F.L. 803; 173 A.C.W.S. (3d) 871)

Given the detail of the materials filed on the motion and the relative equivalence of the time incurred by both sides, I conclude that the hours claimed by the respondent are reasonable. Mr. Philbert is a 2002 call. The Bill of Costs seeks $225.00/hour for Mr. Philbert; his full indemnity rate is $350.00. I consider the partial indemnity rate sought for Mr. Philbert to be reasonable, and I see no problem with the $80.00/hour sought for the law clerks.
D.M. Brown J. (Urbisci v. Urbisci, 2011 ONSC 3 (CanLII))

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not observe (as I did during trial) that both counsel conducted this case in an efficient, effective and cooperative way that made the difficult task of making a decision in this case easier. I thank them for that.
Le May J. (De Matos v. De Matos, 2016 ONSC 5138)

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not observe again that Mr. Philbert and Ms. Bateman handled a very difficult and contentious case in an efficient, effective and cooperative way. I appreciate their assistance.
Le May J. (De Matos v. De Matos, 2017 ONSC 2045)

Family Law Testimonials


I called Mr. Philbert as I felt I wasn’t making progress with my original lawyer and mediation. From my initial conversation with Shawn I realized that a change of direction was needed. Shawn clearly explained his process and what the next steps were. After sending a letter to the opposing counsel I felt a sigh of relief and knew I was in good hands (I am a non-confrontational person and I needed someone to fight for me). Shawn is very strong and direct when communicating with opposing counsel and I feel well supported. He knows the law inside and out and how to apply it and can pivot quickly during court sessions (when needed) to the extent that the opposing counsel is steps behind. All that being said I also believe the team Shawn has put in place has been a huge advantage. His team is dedicated and passionate when we sit together to discuss strategy – literally everything stops and their focus and collaboration is amazing. I would recommend SMP in a heartbeat.

(R.K.) August 2021 – Google Review 5 stars

If you’re looking for a professional, friendly law firm to represent you and your family’s best interests, look no further. Choosing SMP Law is absolutely the best decision I have ever made! Shawn Philbert’s confidence, knowledge of the law, attention to detail and years of experience helped me feel tremendously secure at a time when I was extremely distressed and my entire future was in jeopardy. Before Shawn stepped in, my situation was difficult and ongoing for more than a year, with no visible end in sight. Shawn made me a promise, that he’d “clean up this mess” in a year or less and he delivered, with 100% success! Even with the ongoing Covid pandemic, the office ran diligently and meticulously, full steam ahead, while some offices had slowed. SMP Law came highly recommended to me by a friend who cared. If you are reading this now, let me give YOU some great advice: If you are going through divorce and need a family law lawyer, hire Shawn Philbert. It will categorically be the best decision you will ever make for yourself and the future of your family.

(A.V.) – August 2021 – Google Review 5 stars

Civil Law Testimonials

Shawn and his is SMP Team represented my family on two complex cases and through my experience his team was there to get us through these difficult times. One of the cases my father passed away several years ago and his place of Employment cut his severance and retirement short, which my Mother was the beneficiary. Shawn and his team empathized with my mother’s situation making her and us feel comfortable through the process during such a difficult time, especially after a loss.

Shawn and his team are consummate professionals who handled my mother’s case with a great deal of care while being diligent, detailed oriented in their research and delivery to reward her a settlement outcome she deserved.

My experience with Shawn is his Team has been truly golden as his team makes you feel super comfortable. They are about bringing best around bringing the human aspect and looking after the well-being of their clients first and providing valued results. In a recent case Shawn’s and his team demonstrated the same level of consistency and professionalism. I would recommend SMP Law for anyone who needs representation hands down.

(S.G.) – November 2021 – Google Review 5 stars

SMP LAW was the most accommodating and empathetic experience I could’ve ever felt!

They took my matter seriously from the first phone call and gave me an experience of confidence that they would have my best intention!

Shawn Philbert
Is an exceptional lawyer and gentlemen ,really making my first time dealing with everything from personal concerns with my mental and physical health through this league process. To keeping me in the loop with every single step we would take!

Shawn defended not just my name, but defended my innocence as a person. Above anything I could have asked from him!

(J.J.) April 2021 – Google Review 5 stars

Estate Law Testimonials

I recently had a consultation with Shawn regarding probate without a will. Shawn was compassionate and honest during the discussion. He offered practical advice on the best approach for me, given my particular circumstances. He suggested ways to save money and emphasized the importance of shopping around for a lawyer to ensure that there is a good fit based on my needs. I appreciated his candor and would recommend him for this reason.

(K.R.) June 2021 – Google Review 5 stars

I highly recommend SMP Law. Shawn and his team are very knowledgeable and professional. Excellent customer service.

(T.M.) February 2020 – Facebook