Planning a Successful Open House

Open houses are slowly starting to make a comeback but they’re not always necessary as they can sometimes attract unqualified buyers or those who are just curious. There are instances though where an open house can lure that perfect buyer or perhaps spark a bidding war. It can also motivate buyers to act quickly if they know there’s an open house coming up.

Benefits of Staycation in Ontario!

As the consequences of Covid-19 continues to impact our communities, the Ontario provincial government has offered some tax incentives to plan your next vacation in Ontario. To promote local travel, the Ontario provincial government has implemented the 2022 Ontario staycation tax credit.

Curb Appeal!

Checkout what Hi.Tech Real Estate posted in their recent newsletter  about curb appeal - A few small changes can drastically transform your home’s first impression!

SMP Law – Parental Alienation Series – Part 2

The term reunification therapy has become increasingly popular in family law cases. Reunification therapy is essentially a therapeutic process designed to rebuild and repair a relationship between a parent and a child, usually due to a form of alienation by the other parent.

A Home Away From Home

Checkout what the recent newsletter from Will Yohana discussing cottages! The post offers tips if you are considering purchasing a cottage.