SMP Law and Some Thoughts on Mediation

The COVID pandemic has made mediation even more desirable as a dispute resolution strategy. It is sometimes seen as a more inexpensive way of coming to a resolution between parties and a less intrusive means to an end.

Reduce Your Bills and Chills

SMP Law caught up with Will Yohana from Cloud Realty and in their October Newsletter are some SiMPle solutions to reduce your energy bills.

SMP Law and the Debate of Returning Kids to School

Parents that are separated or divorced can struggle with decisions regarding their children and it is not uncommon for parents to require court assistance to resolve decisions. As the beginning of the school year looms close, everyone is wondering the same thing – what happens now as children go back to school?

What a Difference a Year Can Make! SMP Law Reflects On The Last Year

January 2020 came and SMP Law started the year with excitement for the new year. Suddenly everything changed. Between intense COVID-19 protocols, remote working, and pretty much everything feeling different, we wanted to reflect on how much has changed from just last year.

A Guide For Self-Represented Litigants During COVID-19

Not everyone seeks to retain a lawyer for their legal matter. Some of the reasons for this include: they feel they can handle their matter on their own, they feel they cannot afford a lawyer, they feel their legal matter is SiMPle or they just are not sure either way and want to give it a try.