SMP Law’s 2019 Year in Review!

As we reflect on 2019 and move into 2020, we take a brief look at some of SMP Law’s case results for 2019:

Landlord Tenant Appeal

Over a period of 81 days, the landlord received numerous orders for the removal of the tenants due to non payment. When the tenants appealed to the Superior Court for the sole purpose of delaying the eviction orders, the landlord retained SMP Law for the appeal. Within 18 days from being retained, SMP Law received a final order from the Superior Court vacating the tenant’s stay of the eviction order, an order quashing the appeal, an order for the immediate enforcement of the eviction order by the local sheriff, an order compensating the landlord for the rent owed by the tenants, and an order that the tenants pay approximately 87% of the landlord’s total legal fees.

Father entitled to children 50% of the time as well as the mother paying him child support

This father retained SMP Law on an urgent basis to address the mother’s sudden refusal/denial of his access to his children just prior to the 2017 Christmas holidays. Within 4 days, SMP Law had prepared motion material seeking an order granting the father custody of the children. At the motion, an interim access order was made confirming the father had shared custody. The matter was set down for trial in the September 2019 sittings, and on the day of trial, the mother consented to an order granting the father shared physical custody of the children as well as to an order that the mother pay the father child support and her portion of extracurricular activities in accordance with Section 9 of the Child Support Guidelines.

Father seeking custody of his baby girl

After numerous attempts by the father to share custody of his 1 year old daughter, he retained the legal services of SMP Law. Within a year, SMP Law assisted this father with entering into a FINAL court order granting him joint custody with an access schedule that allowed the father maximum contact with his daughter in accordance with his employment schedule. This was accomplished with only 4 court conferences and without any motions or a trial.

Father seeking termination of adult child support

Father contacted SMP Law for assistance with the termination of child support for his adult child. For a long duration of time the mother had refused to consent to the termination of the adult child’s support and refused to provide the child’s financial documentation. Within 34 days from contacting SMP Law, the mother provided the child’s Academic Advisory Report. The mother consented to the termination of the adult child’s support. The above results were done without the need of court intervention.

Teenage child wishes to change access from shared to being primarily with mother – increase in child support

The mother retained the services of SMP Law on an urgent basis due to her concerns that the parties’ teenage child no longer wanted to comply with the parties’ existing access schedule. As the mother was torn between having to comply with the court ordered access schedule and her son’s contrary wishes, SMP Law assisted her with a Motion to Change the Final Order. Just over a year after retaining SMP Law, the mother received an order granting the change of the child’s residency to her home on a primary basis, in addition to receiving increased child support and 65% of her legal cost for the litigation.

Mother seeking child support for adult child with disability – Material change of circumstances – section 7 expenses

This mother had a prior lawyer and had spent 3.5 years on her file prior to retaining SMP Law. Within 84 days from retaining SMP Law this matter was resolved in the mother’s favour. During SMP Law’s management of this file, there were a total of 1 telephone conference and no motions. The trial was scheduled for 7 days, and lasted only less than 2 days, as the father consented to a Final order paying the mother the relief she sought as well as a portion of her legal fees.

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