Black History Month

SMP Law and Black History Month


Although we are in Black History Month, I wanted to remind everyone that focusing on Black History should not be just one month but all year long. We need to continue to raise awareness of the historic acts of people of colour to begin to break down the embedded misconceptions of the history of our country.


Educating yourself continues to be key.


The Ontario Black History Society is dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of Black History and heritage.


In a powerful YouTube video they demonstrate how many pages in a textbook were non-Black. They blacked out all of the non-Black History from a 255-page history textbook. Only 13 pages remained. Black History is Canadian History.


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When I decided to practice law, I wanted to ensure my law firm was as diverse as the legal issues I would be addressing in my practice. SMP Law’s diversity is our greatest strength.


Here at SMP Law, we are a diverse group. We have Black people, Spanish people, Filipino people and white people, and we ensure our interim students are representative of our diverse community that we serve.


SMP Law is always here to help SiMPlify your legal matter and answer any of your questions. Contact us anytime at SMP Law to help SiMPlify your legal matter at 905-565-9494 or email if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment to meet and discuss your situation and how we can help.



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