Bright Ideas for Your Basement!



See what Will Yohana from Cloud Realty and in their February Newsletter has to say about using your basement for additional space:


We’re spending more time at home than ever before so creating more living space for extra privacy is on everyone’s mind.

Basements are a great option but low ceilings and limited light can sometimes make it a hard spot to retreat to. Here are a few ways to brighten things up in this often-overlooked space:


Fresh Coat
Paint the walls a light shade and the ceiling even lighter to help give the illusion of added height.


Lighten Up
Recessed LED lights work really well in basements since they blend into the ceiling, provide bright light and are energy efficient.


Try to maintain the same flooring material throughout the entire basement as it will help the space appear much larger.


Open Door Policy
Glass doors will help open up the area while still giving you the option for privacy.


Mirror Mirror
Place mirrors across from your basement windows in order to maximize the impact of natural light.


Power Plants
Add a few plants to help liven things up! Artificial plants have come a long way and are perfect for darker areas.


Creative Curtains
Hanging long, light curtains will give the illusion of added height to a room. Drapes are also perfect for hiding messy areas.


These are just a few easy and inexpensive ways to transform your basement from dark and dreary to bright and beautiful. All it takes is a few simple adjustments and before you know it, your basement will become one of your most popular hangouts!

Reach out to Will Yohana at Cloud Realty for more information  or 519-593-3912.


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