Stay Tuned! SMP Law Sponsor Day at the Over “N” Under Club Rained Out – AGAIN!

Mother Nature at her finest!  SMP Law’s Sponsor Day at the Over “N” Under Car Club has been rained out again – for the second time.  Our original sponsor day was June 3, 2018 but Mother Nature had her way and rained us out.  Today, once again we are rained out.

Stay tuned for a future SMP Law Sponsor Day at the Over “N” Under Car Club.  We look very forward to it!

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Regarding Covid-19:

Our office remains open remotely and is available to assist you by videoconference, phone, and email. Since the Covid-19 closures, SMP Law has assisted our clients with four urgent court matters and continues to have court attendances on motions that the courts have deemed urgent.

At SMP Law, we take the health and safety of our staff and clients as the highest priority. While we recognize the importance of social distancing at this time, we also recognize the importance of continuing to provide you with legal services during the time.  Please contact us at 905-565-9494 or for any questions regarding your legal matter.