SMP Law – Parenting Plans – Part Two – Parenting Time Schedule


When Would you Like to Have Your Child(ren) With You?

Many people still think of parenting time as “access” time. The courts have changed this to “parenting time”, which serves to eliminate that one parent is the main parent and the other parent is the “accessing” or “visiting” parent.

The historical arrangement of parenting time being only every other weekend and one evening during the week for a parent is not the only option and in many cases not a preferred option. There are many variations to what your parenting time can look like, and you can be creative with this as long as you keep in mind the best interests of your child(ren).

Here are two parenting time arrangements that are gaining in popularity:

Suggestion #1: The 2-2-3 Parenting Arrangement

Suggestion #2: The Week On/Week Off Parenting Arrangement

This refers to sharing the child(ren) one week at your house and the other week at the other parent’s house, with one day of the week designated as the exchange day.

When considering which arrangement is right for your child(ren) and your family, here are a few things to consider:

  • Be flexible.  Direct your focus on things that will allow the plan to be successful.
  • Anticipate the future. Parenting plans are not just for ‘now’, you need to be thinking about how they will work as your child(ren) get older.
  • Prioritize dates. Remember you likely will not get everything you want from the parenting plan so consider what is most important to you (e.g. which holidays, which decisions you would prefer to be the final decision maker)


Parenting plans can be quite comprehensive and may take a bit of time to consider all of your specific options and circumstances.

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