SMP Law and Going Back to Court In Person


The Ontario Court of Appeal is considering returning to in person attendance.

The current guidelines reported by Law Times, indicate that civil appeals, criminal solicitor appeals and oral panel motions would return to in person attendance. Lawyers and self-represented people may appear virtually by zoom if they prefer.

Here are some tips if you are planning to attend court in person:

1) Have the zoom link on hand just in case you need it on the date you are scheduled to appear in court. You never know what can happen (eg. You wake up not feeling well, have childcare issues, etc.) That way you can still attend court without issue.

2) Plan for traffic. During Covid lock downs, traffic had decreased significantly in many areas, however, now that everything is back open traffic has increased once again.

3) Follow Covid protocol. Make sure you have a mask, hand sanitizer and keep your distance as much as possible.

4) Make sure to stay up to date with current closures and protocols given the guidelines change very rapidly from day to day.


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