Having a Female Lawyer is Better – Fact or Fiction?

Answer: Fiction

Being a male lawyer who has equally represented males and females in custody and access disputes, I am often asked whether the sex of a lawyer may help or hinder a matrimonial matter.

My response has been and will continue to be the following:

“your specific situation applied to the relevant law combined with influences of third parties such as judges, experts, witnesses, OCL, CAS, investigators, financial advisors, etc will determine the outcome of your family law matter, it is not the sex of the lawyers that will make you win or lose a case.”

So SiMPly put:

Whether you are a man or woman fighting for custody and/or access of your children, always ask your lawyer for examples of his or her success when dealing with issues similar to yours.  That will be the best indicator of whether that lawyer is a good fit. Check out some of my notable cases on the website, or send me an email at shawnp@smplaw.ca inquiring as to whether I have done a matter similar to what you are experiencing.


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