SMP Law – Solicitor-Client Privilege

When preparing your legal documents you are required to provide evidence of the facts you present. Emails have become a more common form of evidence in court documents, however, you must be cautious what emails you include as part of your evidence.

SMP Law – What is Custody Reversal?

Custody reversal refers to the removal of children from one parent into the sole custody of the other parent – either temporarily or permanently. This court ordered decision can occur for a variety of reasons, one of them being in severe cases of parental alienation.

SMP Law – Parenting Plans – Part Two – Parenting Time Schedule

The historical arrangement of parenting time being only every other weekend and one evening during the week for a parent is not the only option and in many cases not a preferred option. There are many variations to what your parenting time can look like, and you can be creative with this as long as you keep in mind the best interests of your child(ren).

SMP Law is Sponsoring Milton Magic Soccer – Again!

Shawn Philbert of SMP Law is very excited to be coaching this year for Mixed U15 Royal Milton Magic Soccer!  The season has begun and SMP Law looks forward to having fun, teaching new skills and being part of the community.

SMP Law – Check Your Junk Folder!

We all receive a ton of email every day, particularly in our junk folders. Many of us pay no attention to our junk folders. But what happens if we are in litigation? Check Your Junk Folder!
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