Speed Limit Increases in Ontario!


For over a week now the speed limit has increased on some Ontario highways. In an article by the Toronto Sun, the locations of the speed limit increases are listed and the Minister of Transportation is quoted stated that the locations were chosen with safety in mind.


The article lists the changes and locations:

·       Raised to 110km/h on the Queen Elizabeth Way from Hamilton to St. Catharines


·       Raised to 110km/h on Hwy. 402 from London to Sarnia


·       Raised to 110km/h on Hwy. 401 from Windsor to Tilbury


·       Raised to 110km/hon Hwy. 404 from Newmarket to Woodbine


·       Raised to 110km/h on Hwy. 417 from Ottawa to the Ontario/Quebec Border


·       Raised to 110km/h on Hwy. 417 from Kanata to Arnprior



These changes come in line with six other provinces across Ontario that have increased their speed limits with the aim of getting families where they need to go as quickly and safely as possible.


Enjoy the new flexibility and safe driving!


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