Special Notice During Covid-19 Pandemic

Dear clients, potential clients, contacts and friends of the SMP Law family:

The health and safety of our clients, potential clients, contacts, friends, staff and colleagues is SMP Law’s top priority during this period of uncertainty surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Our office is open and all of our services are continuing as usual.

SMP Law has implemented safety steps that are consistent with the practices recommended by local and international authorities. SiMPly put, SMP Law’s focus is on minimizing the risk of exposure, while ensuring that service to our clients continue in the normal professional manner our clients have experienced.

Below are some examples of the safety measures put in place by SMP Law:

Communication and Meetings: SMP Law has a variety of ways in which we may connect with our clients and potential clients, while keeping/maintaining the process effective and efficient. We will use different technologies: phone conferencing, Zoom meetings, Microsoft teams, and other technology to ensure that there is no disruption in the service we are providing to you.

Reduced Staff in office: SMP Law is a one lawyer firm with five (5) staff onsite, while the remaining staff and assistance are working remotely. During these difficult times, the less in person interaction the better, and SMP Law’s environment allows for quality legal services in a confined safe environment where your matter will be dealt with effectively.

Sanitization: Consistent with the practices recommended by local and international authorities, SMP Law ensures that upon a person entering SMP Law’s office is immediately directed to our sink for the purposes of washing their hands, an act that is deemed more effective than relying on hand sanitizers. In addition, disinfectant wipes have been distributed throughout the firm. Work areas are wiped down at the end of each day. Our six (6) floor building has dedicated cleaners that clean our office building, and as such, our elevator and other hard surfaces in the high-traffic areas and common spaces are regularly cleaned.

Hygiene: SMP Law office staff continue to maintain the practice of hand washing frequently. SMP Law has a strict policy that encourages everyone to follow stringent personal hygiene guidelines.

Travel, Events and Meetings: None of the SMP Law staff has travelled outside of the province in 2020, as such, any risk is further minimized, another benefit of a small firm. SMP Law staff are daily screened, and SMP Law does not engage in events and/or meetings that would result in 5 or more attendees, as such, it is our staff and our clients or potential clients that are in our office. SMP Law also staggers the scheduling of its clients’ attendances to ensure no overlap occurs, and after each meeting our office is wiped down to ensure and maintain our communities safety.

Technology Update: SMP Law has previously adapted strategies that may be more useful and convenient if you are concerned about the issue of personal contact and social distancing or should the government legislate changes to business protocols. Please do not hesitate to contact SMP Law if you have any concerns that we may be of assistance to.

Online Secured Account (“Portal”) and an APP for mobile devices
• The future is now, as such, SMP Law is in the process of creating an online secured account (“Portal”). The portal is a secured program that allows you to access all financial information (financial statements, tax returns, etc.) prepared by us in one location by using a secured login and password. Significantly important it has the ability to upload financial information which is required in preparing your corporate or personal tax information.
SMP Law believes that this is a great alternative to email attachments, USBs, or hardcopy files that are commonly used to share information. SMP Law intends to be able to also accommodate other online secured account providers (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).
• If you are interested in the Client Portal please contact our office for further information on how to sign up or how to gain access to the app, if you have not already.

SMP Law continues to daily monitor, evaluate and respond to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation as it evolves, and will take all necessary precautions to safeguard our clients, potential clients, contacts, friends, staff and colleagues.

SMP Law wishes you good health and look forward to going through this difficult time together with clients, potential clients, contacts and friends of the SMP Law family.

Contact us anytime at SMP Law to help SiMPlify your legal matter at 905-565-9494 or email info@smplaw.ca if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment to meet and discuss your situation and how we can help.


SMP Law Team