SMP Law’s Client is Awarded over $80,000 in Total Cost!


SMP Law wins Court of Appeal case and SMP Law’s client is awarded over $80,000 in total cost!


SMP Law was successful in arguing that our client was entitled to an unequal division of the matrimonial property due to the short length of the parties’ marriage. To achieve this result, SMP Law met the high threshold of unconscionability, which is rare to achieve. Unconscionability is very rare as the facts of the case have to be so compelling for the court to rule an unequal division of property.


The wife appealed the decision and SMP Law was successful in having the wife’s appeal dismissed and our client was awarded $20,000 in cost. In March 2021, the cost decision for the trial was released and SMP Law’s client was awarded $58,500 in costs. The total amount of costs the client received throughout the litigation was over $80,000!


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Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels