SMP Law – We Were Just Dating so Why Do I Have to Pay Spousal Support?




This is exactly what happened to Michael Latner in his relationship with Ms. Climans.

The trial decision of February 2019 ordered that Mr. Latner had an obligation to pay Ms. Climans spousal support indefinitely.

In the court of appeal decision, the court confirmed the trial judge’s findings that Mr. Latner was indeed required to pay spousal support to Ms. Climans, despite not having technically lived together. The court of appeal determined that Mr. Latner was required to pay $53,077 per month in spousal support for 10 years.

Why was spousal support ordered for a person Mr. Latner never lived with?
The judge considered many factors in the case to determine if Ms. Climans was a spouse including:

1) They were in a committed relationship;

2) Mr. Latner paid for many of Ms. Climans expenses and created a financial dependency;

3) They presented themselves as spouses when out with family and friends; and;

4) They had periods of time when they lived together.

This is an example of how the law is very dependent on the facts of the case. Many people would just assume that without living together or being married there would not be a payment of spousal support but as you can see with this case, each case is specific to the facts of the matter.
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