SMP Law – False Allegations


My spouse has accused me of assaulting her in order to get a “leg up” in our family litigation! What can I do about it?

Recently, SMP Law has seen a surge in cases where clients have reported being falsely accused of certain criminal offences by their separated spouses. These are serious allegations anytime they are made but they have additional challenges when you are in the middle of a separation or divorce.

Unfortunately, in the middle of a separation or divorce, these allegations can have serious implications including:

1)      Place significant restrictions on your parenting time with your children or even put a stop to parenting time with your children.

2)      Remove you from the matrimonial home.

3)      Have a negative impact on your employment

4)      Cause you significant financial stress due to your need to retain a criminal lawyer, and maintain the expenses associated with the family maintenance.

More often than not the allegations mean you are automatically removed from the matrimonial home and that you will lose parenting time with your children, so these accusations must be responded to in a serious manner.

SMP Law acknowledges that every situation will have different facts and that the role of police is not to act as initial mediators between separating parties. Once criminal accusations have been made in a family matter, time is of the essence as the consequences of delay will be detrimental to your family file.  SMP Law’s approach in response to such allegations assists with addressing the specific allegations while also ensuring the other party is not allowed to make false statements without it being determined by a court.

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