SMP Law – Facebook Group – Informative or Interfering?


Facebook Group – Informative or Interfering?

Recently, CBC News posted an article about a Facebook group warning women about specific men in online dating profiles. Facebook groups warning women about online daters could be a risky business | CBC News

These private Facebook groups have been created as a way to share negative details about men they may have dated to help protect other women from these men. These Facebook groups are popping up all across North America and include posts with a photo of a man and other pertinent details, along with a short message warning women to stay away from them.


Is this type of group informative or interfering? Are there legal issues to consider?

The article featured comments from several lawyers, warning of potential defamation lawsuits against the people who post and also to the administrators. While the truth is the best defence against a defamation case, the law requires the defendant to prove the truth.

The article shared various considerations, such as the ruining of someone’s career or reputation if recognized in these groups. There was also discussions of the potential to keep women safe and away from abusive or “toxic” men.

The underlying message was if you are going to participate in this group to be careful of how you are posting. Facebook is not a place to “vent” out your frustrations about someone. Feel free to read more about venting on social media in SMP Law’s previous post “Complaining on Social Media – Being Informative or Opening Yourself Up to Being Sued?”

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