SMP Law – Check Your Junk Folder!


So you are saying I lost my family case because I didn’t Check My Junk Folder?

We all receive a ton of email every day, particularly in our junk folders. Many of us pay no attention to our junk folders.

But what happens if we are in litigation? Check Your Junk Folder!

In a recent case, Tariq v Rehman 2022, the mother was awarded sole decision making responsibility for the children as well as other relief sought when the trial went uncontested by the father. The father objected stating that the court materials had gone to his junk folder in his email. The court was clear that it was the father’s responsibility to check his junk folder and he was unsuccessful in his motion.

This case reminds you that checking your junk folder regularly is essential if you are in litigation of any kind. it is essential to keep an eye on that folder. It is your responsibility to ensure that what address you give to the court for service is accessible to you at all times.

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