University of Windsor JD

Shawn M. Philbert, the Lawyer at SMP Law, is now a J.D, Juris Doctor!

Shawm M. PhilbertIn July 2017, I exchanged my LL.B for my J.D.

The first awarding of a “Doctor’s” Degree was in the 12th century in Bologna, Italy (Roper, 1973). The degree was awarded in Civil Law. Doctor’s degrees were not awarded in medicine until the 14th Century. Throughout the European continent, South and Central America, and the United States, lawyers are uniformly called “Doctor” (Roper, 1973).  Ontario has now joined the 12th century as law schools are now granting J.D. titles to lawyers.  After my 15 years of practicing as a lawyer, I, Shawn M. Philbert am now a Doctor of Law.

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[Source: Roper, Milard King, Jr. J.D. (1973)  “Ethics: Informal Opinion 1151 – Lawyers and the Title “Doctor”.” Akron Law Review, 6 (1), 83-93.]