Separation and Divorce in the COVID-19 Era

As the trauma of COVID-19 continues to unfold, people are just doing their best to deal with the current circumstances. We all continue to try to navigate how to buy groceries safely (do not even get me started on the issue of toilet paper that continues to rage on), how to work from home with all of our family members present, how to run businesses remotely for the first time, how to entertain children of all ages who are disgruntled by this very rude disruption to their lives and routines and also how to spend more time with our partners than most of us typically ever would.

Friends and families are spending time “venting” about their partners regarding any and all issues from how to spend money, amount of appropriate screen time, division of housework, who is responsible for the childcare and when. Not to mention how to both be working in one household. Social media posts are sharing “tips” on how to manage relationships during these trying times. No one really knows how to manage this new reality successfully, we are all just dealing as best we can during a very stressful time.

We are learning from other parts of the world that there is a surge in people seeking a divorce once the social distancing restrictions begin to lift, as indicated in the article “China’s Divorce Spike is a Warning to Rest of Locked-Down World”. As suggested in the article, SMP Law would like to suggest a short term “cooling off” period for you and your partner if you are considering a divorce. The article suggests 30 days, however, it can be a period of time you decide is reasonable. This “cooling off” period may just be what your relationship needs as life returns to normal and you can reassess at that time.

If you do not wish to try a “cooling off” period or you decide you would like to proceed with an application for a divorce, please feel free to contact SMP Law for a free 30 minute telephone consultation to discuss any questions you may have.


*Important note – if you are experiencing domestic violence this post does NOT apply to you. Please seek help if you are experiencing any domestic violence by contacting the National Domestic Violence Contact Hotline.


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