SMP Law Team

Meet Our Team at SMP Law!

Meet our Team at SMP Law!

Over the last 15 years, SMP Law has been proud of the many colourful people that have joined our team!  At SMP Law we pride ourselves on SiMPlifying your legal matter, and feel it is important that you recognize the people that are working for you:

Shawn M. Philbert – as the lawyer at SMP Law I oversee everything on your file from the initial meeting to the closing summary letter of your file.  SiMPly put, I personally review every part of your file and I personally work directly with you with the goal of achieving the best resolution for your specific situation.

Lisa Brown – Lisa’s voice is the first one you hear when you contact SMP Law.  Lisa answers our telephones and is responsible for scheduling your appointments with the appropriate SMP Law team member.  Lisa also assists with legal research and various tasks relating to your file. Lisa is a licensed Legal Assistant.

Lorrie Howse – Lorrie is SMP Law’s Office Manager, and will spend as much time as you need to ensure you understand SMP Law’s commitment to focusing on your needs and concerns.  Lorrie confirms which team member will be working on your file and gives you detail accountings to ensure your retainer addresses your concerns and how the process works.  Lorrie has a Certified Human Recourses Designation and she has over seven years of legal office administration experience.

Pedro Obregon – Pedro’s previous experience as a tax lawyer for the Peruvian government has assisted his ability to help your preparation of all of your financial documents.  Pedro also assists with various legal tasks related to your file which allows for lower legal bills.

Emmanuel  Bragat – Emmanuel’s previous experience as a lawyer in the Philippines has assisted  his ability for file preparation, legal research, and legal drafting. His personal connections with various court staff is a valuable resource for ensuring your file is properly issued and filed, as well as, lowering your legal bills.

Natalie Philbert – Natalie’s diverse and lengthy professional experience in research has allowed for updated case law being applied to every issue in your matter.  She also ensures that our various social media mediums are frequently updated and remain relevant to SMP Law’s clients’ needs and concerns.

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Contact us anytime at SMP Law to help SiMPlify your legal matter at 905-565-9494 or email if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment to meet and discuss your situation and how we can help.