Marriage Contracts and Prenuptial Agreements – Insulting or Ingenious?

Try this at your next party – bring up the idea of a prenuptial agreement and see the response you get.  I would wager a guess that most people feel quite strongly about them, one way or another.

My experience is that the majority of people feel quite negatively about them.  As a lawyer, I’ve never understood fully why they are deemed insulting or negative.  Some people say it’s like already assuming the marriage will not last.  Another more productive way (in my opinion) to view prenuptial agreements or marriage contracts would be to look at them like this – would you rather try to unravel a marriage (if necessary) from a place of hurt, disappointment, anger and grief OR would you rather have planned ahead from a loving place that ensures each of you feel comfortable with what you agreed on when you were feeling in love and like there was nothing to worry about?

We tend to be fair and reasonable when we plan ahead and are not coming from a highly charged emotional place.

So why not just write a few things down rather than go to a lawyer?  For the same reason that a verbal agreement might not be in your best interest, it may not hold up legally in court if/when you need it to.  Having a lawyer help you create your marriage contract and SiMPlify your needs and wants in the agreement will help to ensure there is less room for conflict if/when you need it in the future.

We choose how to look at things from various perspectives and here at SMP Law we suggest you consider viewing marriage contracts as a positive way to plan for the future.

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