“I Want a Divorce Lawyer Who Has Been Actually Divorced!”

When you are a passenger in someone’s vehicle, you want them to have experience driving.  When you fly in a plane, you want your pilot to have the experience of actually flying a plane.  When you hire a lawyer, you are looking for a lawyer who has experience practicing law.  But what about a lawyer who personally knows the experience of a divorce in their own life?

One of the benefits of litigating my own divorce is that I have gained invaluable insight into the multiple emotional and financial experiences a client goes through from the moment of separation to the final divorce order.  The things my divorce taught me about separation and divorce cannot be taught in law school or in any legal text or seminar.

As a lawyer who has personally experienced separation and divorce:

  • I understand the emotional pain and conflicting feelings that exist when you have to make the decision to take the next step in your life;
  • I understand the importance  and need of having regular communication with your lawyer as this directly reduces the feeling of fear and confusion that at times can seem to overwhelm you;
  • I appreciate how important each of your concerns are and the uncertainty you feel about how your life will be impacted;  and
  • I appreciate that you want your matter treated as if it is the only matter your lawyer has, and that it is my goal to make your transition to your next step easier.

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