My Child is Going to University or College – What Happens to Child Support?

For many people, the news of their child going to college or university is a happy event.  Their child’s future is bright and they are moving on with their educational pursuits.  Then the costs begin to add up and a plan needs to be made for how to pay for their education.  Where does child support fit in to all of these plans?

There are many factors that are considered when children are over 18 years old with regards to child support during post-secondary education.  It is important to note that the factors a judge considers when ordering child support for adult children during post-secondary education vary broadly from case to case and there is not only “one requirement”.

Child support generally follows the Federal Child Support Guidelines when children are under the age of 18 years old.  It is sometimes thought that once children are 18 years old that child support changes or even ends.   The following are some of the factors that may be considered by a judge regarding post-secondary education and child support:

  • Whether the child is enrolled in a program;
  • Whether they are attending full-time or part-time;
  • Whether the child is eligible for student loans or other financial assistance;
  • Whether the child can contribute to their own support through part-time employment;
  • The child’s academic performance ;
  • What plans the parents made for the education of their children, particularly prior to separation;
  • Whether the child remains accountable to the parents for their education plans and progress.

So the SiMPle answer is this – do not assume you automatically know what happens to child support.  The answers will be different case by case.

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