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Mr. Philbert is truly an amazing lawyer!  I have never met a lawyer quite like him.  He has the ability to show you that he cares about you and your case and the emotions that come with it…yet, put the horns on to fight for you.  I wish the world had more men and lawyers like him because he can return your faith in humanity in the darkest of hours.

I feel honoured to have worked with Shawn Philbert for so many years.  His experience, dedication and friendly, positive attitude have helped me get through many hardships in my life.  The staff at SMP Law Office is no exception, always friendly and willing to help whenever asked.  I have never looked back at choosing Shawn Philbert to represent my legal issues and I would highly recommend Mr. Philbert to anyone looking for a professional, highly qualified and dedicated lawyer.

Mr. Philbert has the heart of gold but the fight of a tiger.  He takes the time to listen with compassion and then is able to give the best possible and professional opinion on a solution.  Mr. Philbert won my case and the judges awarded me full indemnity of costs.  I can never thank him or his team enough for the hard work and dedication that they put into my case.