Can children choose to vaccinate themselves if they are over 12?


Vaccinating against Covid continues to be a hotly debated topic. Protests continue to occur against Covid vaccinations. What is certain is that people are clear in their decision on whether to vaccinate or not.


What about when children are clear in their decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate?


In family law, the issue of whether or not to vaccinate their children is increasing. Check out our previous post “Parenting Disputes over Vaccinating Children and Vaccine Passports” where we discuss the issues for parents when they disagree on vaccination.


Can children choose whether to vaccinate or not?


In a post by the Toronto News, it discussed the issue whether a child can get a vaccination without their parent’s consent. The article emphasized that a main factor is whether the child would have to prove that they are mentally capable of making that decision and that process would likely be “intense”.

It also discussed that a child cannot be forced by a parent to receive a vaccination, however the article stated that if a child shows up to the vaccine clinic consent is implied.

It is suggested in the article that regardless of age, it is important for parents to discuss vaccines with their children and help them understand any medical treatment they are receiving.


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