Do I Need a New Will Once I’m Remarried?

We have posted several blogs about wills including “Who Should Make a Will and Plan Their Estate”, “Make Sure Your Wishes are Followed – Plan Ahead” and “Blended Families and Estate Planning” and we strongly encourage you to check those out!  Recently, a question came up from a client “Do I need a new will now that I’m remarried?”  The answer is absolutely YES.

Once you get separated or divorced, chances are good that your wishes have likely changed and need updating in accordance with the changes in your life.

And while we are on the topic of a new will, you will need to change your power of attorney as well. You may have appointed your previous spouse or partner with the power of attorney and you may wish to appoint someone new to be in charge of your care in the event you are not able to express your wishes for yourself.

Check out our video post below on creating a new will once you are separated or divorced.

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