SMP Law – Parental Alienation Series – Part 2

The term reunification therapy has become increasingly popular in family law cases. Reunification therapy is essentially a therapeutic process designed to rebuild and repair a relationship between a parent and a child, usually due to a form of alienation by the other parent.

A Home Away From Home

Checkout what the recent newsletter from Will Yohana discussing cottages! The post offers tips if you are considering purchasing a cottage.

Speed Limit Increases in Ontario!

For over a week now the speed limit has increased on some Ontario highways. In an article by the Toronto Sun, the locations of the speed limit increases are listed and the Minister of Transportation is quoted stated that the locations were chosen with safety in mind.

SMP Law – Parental Alienation Series Part 1

The concept of “Alienation” has a grounds for reversing parenting rights has been receiving increasing attention over the last few years. As stated in SMP Law’s post on parental alienation “What is Alienation?"  a common theme of alienation is “a child is expressing extreme negative feelings about a parent that are not supported by their experiences”. 
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