SMP Law and Landlord Prejudice – An Update

It was a significant Court of Appeal decision that upheld that Justice Morgan was correct to invoke anti-Black racism in relation to the landlord’s refusal to negotiate a lease renewal, “regardless of whether the Landlord's actions were consciously motivated by racism.”

SMP Law and Landlord Prejudice

During this COVID pandemic, business owners have found it harder than ever to keep their businesses afloat. With heavy restrictions, the threat of an outbreak and people staying home, maintaining a decent livelihood has presented a big challenge.

SMP Law Services Review!

SMP Law is hoping you are enjoying your summer!  We have had a busy summer so far with our recent move to 218 Export Blvd, Mississauga, Ontario.  We have provided a short summary of our services.

Social Media and the Court Room – Is it Relevant?

Many times I wondered what impact social media would would have on my client within the walls of a court room. Given the recent cases, I would say, the answer depends on who my client is.