SMP Law Sponsors the Over “N” Under Club Again!

SMP Law is a proud sponsor of the Over “N” Under Car Club - again! We continue to enjoy sponsoring such a fun organization and see all of the fantastic automobiles and to meet some great people who share a passion for cars.

Water Down Your Relaxation!

Your backyard’s the perfect place to take a break from the hectic pace of everyday life. After a long day, picture yourself unwinding in your backyard, reclining on a lounger, and being serenaded by the soothing sound of flowing water. Adding a water feature to your garden not only transforms your backyard into an oasis of tranquillity, but it may also increase the value of your home!

SMP Law is Sponsoring Milton Magic Soccer – Again!

Shawn Philbert of SMP Law is very excited to be coaching this year for Mixed U15 Royal Milton Magic Soccer!  The season has begun and SMP Law looks forward to having fun, teaching new skills and being part of the community.

Condo Conundrum: Freedom vs Freedom

It’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons before purchasing a condo. Condos appeal to everyone from young urbanites who want to be in the heart of the action to seniors who look forward to enjoying their golden years playing tennis and relaxing by the pool. Checkout what Hi.Tech Real Estate posted in their March newsletter about purchasing a condo.

Bank of Canada Rate Update

The Bank of Canada increases interest rates and continues quantitative tightening. Checkout what Hi.Tech Real Estate posted in their February newsletter about The Bank of Canada Rates.