Benefits of Staycation in Ontario!

As the consequences of Covid-19 continues to impact our communities, the Ontario provincial government has offered some tax incentives to plan your next vacation in Ontario. To promote local travel, the Ontario provincial government has implemented the 2022 Ontario staycation tax credit.

A Home Away From Home

Checkout what the recent newsletter from Will Yohana discussing cottages! The post offers tips if you are considering purchasing a cottage.

Speed Limit Increases in Ontario!

For over a week now the speed limit has increased on some Ontario highways. In an article by the Toronto Sun, the locations of the speed limit increases are listed and the Minister of Transportation is quoted stated that the locations were chosen with safety in mind.

Dream Homes Really Do Come True! Cloud Realty

It’s easy for homebuyers to get frustrated, especially in this market, so it’s important to start off with a solid plan and a positive mindset. Will Yohana shares a few points to consider before you head out hunting for homes.